Students must be healthy enough to work an eight hour shift in all weather conditions. Students should have the ability to lift at least seventy-five pounds and work at times with arms elevated. Vision needs to be correctable to 20/20. Applicant must have spatial and mechanical abilities. 18 years old and minimum GED. (helps when applying for work) It demonstrates task completion. . . . .


The Bridge Welding Certification course tuition is $7350.00

The Text, supplies, coupons and equipment fee is $600.00

There is an Enrollment fee of $150.00

Our School runs a limited number of qualified students per year and as such does not burden the Students with the additional $2000.00 plus for costs associated with arranging, monitoring and collecting Student Aid Loans. Part of the Entry process is being self confident and versatile enough to arrange your own class financing, Students that do so seem to fare much better in the job marketplace.

Required Tools, Books, Equipment & Protective Gear

Students will attend class in 100% cotton clothing with high top leather boots. School provides texts and tools that will become the property of the student. For example; auto-darkening hood, nomex and leather welding jacket, gloves, tapes, squares, wrenches, angle grinder and wheels , and other necessary equipment. ( See Catalog ).

Calendar of Events

Basic first four weeks is Stick and Flux core welding practice and job apps. Advanced six weeks is Stick and flux core certification testing on Plate and Pipe. Combined with Trade modules, i.e. survey level, crane rigging, signalling, Rough Terrain Forklift OSHA certification, etc. ( see catalog )
Please inquire by email or telephone to find out when the next class begins

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